We hand craft limited edition sgian dubhs using natural materials and traditional techniques. As a special gift for a special person or a treat for yourself, a real sgian dubh is a work of art and beauty – something to wear with pride and an heirloom to pass on to future generations. 

Our master craftsmen work with silver, wood, horn and steel to produce Scottish knives of beauty and character. Real materials and real craftsmanship mean that each sgian dubh is uniquely beautiful. Most sgian dubhs are now plastic and mass-produced by machines. We offer an alternative - beautiful knives crafted with pride by the traditional knife makers of the Himalayas.

Every sgian dubh is sold directly through this web site, helping to make them affordable as well as beautiful. You won’t find better value anywhere.

Visit our shop, find out how our knives are made and how to care for them, discover the fascinating history of the sgian dubh and learn how our business supports traditional craftsmen and health work in the Himalayas.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, mobile and tablet-responsibe web-site at www.sgiandubh.scot